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The two most traditional materials for memorials are Granite and Marble and you will find examples of those we can provide displayed on this website. Granite is, in our opinion the finest material available for such purpose. Marble is smooth, elegant and attractive, and in the hands of a craftsman, can provide a work of enduring beauty. However, your options are not limited to the two traditional materials. There is a wide range of natural stones in the same designs as illustrated on this website, readily available to you. The choice is entirely yours, and we will be pleased to give you all the advice you require. You will find that the standards of craftsmanship and sympathetic attention you receive do not vary, whichever excellent material you eventually choose. With this wide choice and with the expert advice readily available to you, there is no reason why the right Memorial cannot be provided. If however, you have any special requirements, we will be more than happy to discuss them with you.